wedding photography



A portfolio of photographs is below of many weddings I have done over the years. Recent weddings can be accessed through my photo lab's online ordering gallery.


I have been shooting weddings since 1999 and have developed a style that is a mixture of traditional portraiture and contemporary photo-journalistic styles. A combination of color and black and white photography is great for preserving the colorful and detailed decor along with the timeless elegance of the day.

I strive to capture that fleeting sliver of time that shows a moment of pure elegance and joy. I concentrate on more than just simple pictures of people at the event, like a long list of who was present. Instead I work on documenting the events and snippets of time that express the full story of your day.


Over the years I have worked with hundred’s of brides and grooms, and their words can communicate in more convincing ways than my own.


I have packages in several different price ranges, and I try to keep my offerings as simple and flexible as possible. Each is available with several options so that each bride and groom can find a package that suits their individual needs and budget. See my prices here.

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.

- Dorothea Lange

What a blessing it was that you were our photographer. I can tell that you really love & enjoy your job. Thank you for taking your time & putting such an effort into the pictures. They turned out wonderfully & will be a treasure for years to come... What a great job you did on the pictures. Thank you for everything.

 Joe and Abby